Oh How The Times Go And Our Perspectives change

After spending a year in Australia when I was 20 I came home and had reverse culture shock. I though how could people just go to work everyday and do nothing while I did all this.

Tonight when I was foam rolling my back after dinner, I realized that if I came home from travelling today and had a conversation with myself, I would be that person who goes to work every day and doesn't travel. Sure I'm mountain biking and I've kayaked a bit but yup, that's me today.

The crazy part is I have no FOMO to be travelling right now. You know, Covid, it's just not in Vogue right now. The smartest thing I ever did when I was younger was do anything I felt compelled to do. In my early 20s I never imagined that I could ever feel like those 30 year olds that I saw, just chillen. I was so full of fire and erratic energy and I never tried to throttle it. Honestly, I put fire on the flames as often as I could.

These days I don't feel that way. It hurts a little more when I shoulder check on the road and I like a nice night in. Fuck, it makes me laugh to even write this, 21 year old Ryan would try to fight 30 year old Ryan. I would still win today but it wouldn't be because of a lack of heart on the part of 21 year old Ryan.

That's the thing though, you will never feel like you do again right now, when you are 30, you won't feel like you did even when you were 26 and when you are 21 you cannot imagine being 26.

If there is something you want to do. Just go for it. Trust me, you won't feel that way about it forever. It's better to chase a desire until it turns cold then it is to never take the first step down that path.

On one hand, you choose the adventure, you stepped into the unknown, experienced things and grown and on the other hand you day dreamed and rationalized yourself into a lame life.

It's your choice, what will you choose?

At some point, you are going to feel to old and sore to even go for it. That is, unless you treat your body like a high performance machine and do regular maintenance on it. But that's another story and it's not on the minds of most 21 year olds, that's for sure but when you are 30 it's pretty top of mind.

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