Lucking into the best powder day of the season at Mt. Washington

Lucking into the best powder day of the season at Mt. Washington

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I was dead tired the next morning. I even hit the snooze button a few times. My shoulder hurt and I had slept poorly. When I finally dragged myself out the door for breakfast, I was greeted by snow and 3 inches of powder on my car. In the flip of a switch, my mood changed and I couldn't wait to get up to the mountain.

I was on assignment at Mt. Washington. My job was to test out some new winter gear from various suppliers. I also had a brand new K2 Parkstar board of my own that I was excited to break in.

The snow jacket and pants they gave me was a size too small. I thought I was a medium, so I ordered a large but I should have ordered an extra large. I didn't even bother trying to ride in the pants bu they felt warm when I tried the on. 

Epic Weather Balaclava

The single biggest win from this assignment was the Epic weather balaclava. I wore it non-stop for 3 days and it was epic and that is coming from someone who cannot stand anything remotely tight around their neck. Honestly, sometimes the neck on my surfing wetsuit makes me gag a little. This balaclava kept the icy cold wind from running down the back of my neck and kept my face frost bite free when the chairlift kept shutting down when we were exposed to -15 degrees and 70km/h winds hitting us square in the face. (If you're a powder hound, you know what I'm talking about).

Even on the third day when the weather warmed up and the mountain of powder because extra sticky and slow, I just pullled the face cover down so that it sat between my chin and the chinstrap of my helmet. It's made of polyester and a bit of spandex so it did an excellent job of wicking away any sweat I produced while digging myself out when I got stuck in the sticky snow. 

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