Photochromic Mountain Biking Glasses

I used to just safety squint, It worked most of the time.

But on loamy winter days, when there was endless traction, and I felt was.

A good pair of mountain biking glasses will help you go faster and have more fun by keeping the mud, wind, and rain out of your eyes.

Adding a photochromic lens to your riding glasses is a great idea for the value minded riders out there because the lens is clear but it also tints when it's exposed to the sunlight so you only ever need one pair of glasses for every ride.

When I was new and rocking the safety squint, I noticed the pros in Youtube videos were usually wearing biking glasses but I didn't understand why.

It only took 1 muddy lap while wearing glasses I understood why people wore glasses.

The problem with the safety squint is it doesn't work and you're focused on squinting your eyes as much as possible without completely closing your eyes.

When you are wearing a comfortable pair of biking glasses, you forget you are even wearing them, you get to just focus on the ride and you get to keep your eyes wide open. It doesn't matter if it's wet and muddy or cold and windy, A good pair of glasses keeps all of that out of your eyes.

Every mountain biker should have a pair of riding glasses.

If you are in the market for a good pair of mountain biking glasses at a great price, check out out Photochromic Mountain Biking Glasses


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