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Trail Boss Tinted Biking Glasses

Trail Boss Tinted Biking Glasses

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Tinted lens
UV 400
Comfortable rubber nose piece

What's included

Trail Boss Tinted Biking Glasses
Durable protective case
Soft cloth case
Cleaning cloth

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Take on every trail like a boss

Are you tired of basic boring biking glasses?

Fear not! The Trail Boss Tinted Biking Glasses are the spice you didn't even know you needed in your life

Cutting edge speed holes increase the ventilation which makes the sweat dry quicker and you'll never worry about fog.

These glasses are made from impact resistance polycarbonate and have a thermoplastic rubber nose.

They fit comfortably and stay securely in place on the chunkiest of rides.

Every pair comes with a durable case designed to be thrown in riding
backpack or hip bag, as well as a soft cloth case, and microfiber
cleaning cloth

We've wear them ourselves and think you'll like them too!

  • Close up of rubber nose pad

    Thick Rubber Nose

    The nose pad is made from a grippy rubber that feels soft and keeps the glasses in place on rowdy rides

  • Close up of speed holes cut into the upper edges of the glasses

    Anti-Fog Speed Holes

    That's right, these speed holes aren't just for aesthetics, they actually increase airflow to the inside of the lens to minimize fog. This is great on those wet days in the forest when the loam is perfect

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You asked, we answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are in the golden lens?

The blue lens is the closest to a mono-color lens. It's blue with hints of purple towards the edges

What colors are in the blue lens?

You ride through changing weather conditions for most of the year in the Pacific NorthWest. So it's good to have a lens that is clear when it's dark in the forest and tints when your ripping through clear cuts and cliff edges.

What colors are in the emerald lens?

The emerald lens is wild! Like the golden lens the color depends on what angle you look at it but it's green in the center, blue in the middle, with hints of red and gold on the outer edges

Are these glasses good for night riding?

You might be a trail boss but these glasses are tinted which means you won't be able to see much in the dark. You would be much better off with the Photochromic Trail Boss Biking Glasses if you are interested in a pair of glasses for day and night riding

What about adding a perscription lens?

Not yet,

Please let us know if you are interested,

We will look into it if we get enough feedback



Arms 125mm

Width at ends: 90mm

Width at lens: 135mm

Height at lens: 60mm

Inner nose width 40mm

Brand: SCVCN

Weight: ~34g

Lens Material: PC coating

Frame Material: PC

Lens Style: Full Screen

Nose Pad Material: