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Photochromic Biking Glasses

Photochromic Biking Glasses

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-Photochromic lens
-Rubberized nose pad
-Impact resistant
-Ultralight +/- 34g

What's included

-Photochromic riding glasses
-Durable protective case
-Soft cloth case
-Cleaning cloth

Shipping & Returns

-Free shipping available
-Tracking included
-Arrives within 3-9 business days
-Return unused within 30 days for full cash refund

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One Pair To Rule Them All

Our glasses keep the mud, wind, and ran away from your eyes when you are smashing PRs on those perfectly loamy winter days

With the photochromic lens you are covered on the darkest of winter forest days and the funnest of summer party laps in the summer sun

The innovative speed holes cut into the corners of the lens actually increase airflow on the inside because of science. This helps keep the fog away when you want to push it

The glasses are reliable and will be there for you ride after ride because the glasses are made from impact resistance polycarbonate and have a thermoplastic rubber nose. The glasses feel comfortable and stay in place on the rowdiest of descents and biggest sends

The photochromic lens tints in the sun

But it's clear in the dark forest

So you can always have optimized glasses

  • Ruberized Nose Pad

    The nose pad is made from a grippy rubber that feels soft and keeps the glasses in place so you can forget you are even wearing glasses when you go to send it

  • Anti-Fog Speed Holes

    That's right,
    The speed holes aren't just for aesthetics,
    They actually increase airflow to the inside of the lens to minimize fog
    This is great when you are sweaty, the forest is wet, and the loam is perfect

Customer Reviews

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Very happy and phenomenal


With what they cost I can't say anything bad, they get pretty dark in sunlight, they weigh nothing and are very comfortable. The resistance they have and how long they last I do not know but for now I have tried them and very correct


Very nice!!




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You asked, we answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Are photochromic lenses worth it for mountain biking?

Photochromic lenses are ideal for mountain biking because the lens is constantly adjusting to changing lighting conditions

What are the disadvantages of a photochromic lens?

The photochromic lens is cold weather sensitive. It takes longer to adjust to changing light condition on cold sunny days.

Are photochromic lenses good for night riding?

The lens only tints when exposed to sunlight. Since the sun is down, the lens will be clear all night

Is photochromic better than polarized?

Both photochromic and polarized lenses have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and which one is better for mountain biking may depend on the individual's needs and preferences.

Photochromic lenses automatically adjust their tint according to the light conditions, which can be very useful for mountain biking as the light conditions can change quickly and drastically during a ride. These lenses are also good for people with light sensitivity.

Polarized lenses, on the other hand, can reduce glare, which can be especially useful when riding on surfaces that reflect light, such as water or snow. They also enhance the color and contrast of the surroundings.

In summary, photochromic lenses are good at adapting to changing light conditions, while polarized lenses are good at reducing glare and enhancing color and contrast. So it's a trade-off between the two and depends on what you prioritize more.

Do you offer perscription lenses?

Not at this time but we plan to. Please reach out if you have any questions about perscription biking glasses



Arms 125mm

Width at ends: 90mm

Width at lens: 135mm

Height at lens: 60mm

Inner nose width 40mm

Brand: SCVCN

Weight: ~34g

Lens Material: PC coating

Frame Material: PC

Lens Style: Full Screen

Nose Pad Material:


The Epic Warranty

1 year limited warranty

If the glasses fail from regular use within 1 year, we will replace them for free