Still a bit snowy

Still a bit snowy

When I caught out of bed and looked out the window, I smiled. It was clear and the sky was a mix of blue, yellow and orange like it is in the summer. I started my first climb just after 9am, near the top, the ground was partial frozen mud and there was still snow in the dark areas.

The top of Double D had some snow. Parts of the trail and a few berms where covered in it. There was a couple narrow tire tracks for a trail on the descents. In the morning it was frozen and in the afternoon it was slushy like spring skiing. Once you made the first road crossing it was pretty prime.

After the first grind up the main road, I tried taking Schools Out to YBA. On the Strava map, the line in the top right corner is the main road and Schools Out to YBA is the grouping of lines in from the the main road line. It feels like 3 short punch climbs instead of a multi leg grind. It's also a trail so it's more interesting than the road. I would not take the upper part of YBA which starts on the other side of the main road as a climbing trail, unless I was looking for a climbing challenge. It's a match burner.

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