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Trail Boss Photochromic Biking Glasses

Trail Boss Photochromic Biking Glasses

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Photochromic lens adapts to sunlight
Rubberized nose pad is soft and comfortable
Frame is made from Impact resistant polycarbonate
Ultralight +/- 34g

What's included

Trail Boss Photochromic Biking Glasses
Durable protective case
Soft cloth case
Microfiber Cleaning cloth

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One Pair To Rule Them All

Keep the mud, wind, and ran out of your eyes so you can send it all winter long!

The lens is clear in the dark forest and at night

It also tints in the sunlight

So you only need 1 pair of glasses to ride all year

Cutting edge speed holes in the corners of the lens increase airflow which keeps the fog away

Made from impact resistance polycarbonate and thermoplastic rubber, these glasses are reliable

They come in a durable case designed to be thrown in riding backpack or hip bag

Every pair also includes a soft cloth case, and lens cloth

The glasses feel comfortable and stay in place on the rowdy descents and fun sends.

We wear them ourselves and know you'll like them too

Demonstration of glasses transitioning from clear to tinted

The photochromic lens goes from clear to tinted in the sun

So you only need one pair for riding all year

  • Close up of rubber nose pad

    Thick Rubber Nose

    The nose pad is made from a grippy rubber that feels soft and keeps the glasses in place on rowdy rides

  • Close up of speed holes cut into the upper edges of the glasses

    Anti-Fog Speed Holes

    That's right,
    The speed holes aren't just for aesthetics,
    They actually increase airflow to the inside of the lens to minimize fog
    This is great when you are sweaty, the forest is wet, and the loam is perfect

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jay Bennett

I've had these for a little while now and finally got around to wearing them. They are absolutely worthless. They say photochromic in the advertising and on the lenses, but these are essentially clear glasses. I tried wearing them on 2 bluebird spring days in Colorado, and there is a barely noticeable change in the light transmission. These are not sunglasses. They are just glasses. Is it too late for a refund?

Hey Jay,

The glasses are not expected to get as dark as sun glasses but it sounds you the pair you received may have been defective. We offer hassle-free returns on unused glasses within 30 days and we also stand behind our gear with a solid warranty. Please visit our returns page to see how you can initiate a return.



Love these glasses. I like em so much I bought a second pair


Love these

Jack Davies
Ride in hi def

Finally got to test these out in a day with sun cloud and snow , in forest and clear cut on high speed technical singletrack.
The photo chromatic lenses work great they don’t distort your vision like my Ryder’s do and they haven’t fogged up. Have use smith bobcats and they seem to have similair quality lenses.
Highly recommend especially for the price.
Will 100 percent order again. Hope to be able to use these for … 1000 Epics!

Just what the doc ordered

Stoked on these! My rides consist of sunny highways and forested trails and everything in between. First time wearing I couldn't get over how clear they were. The transition from clear to dark was smooth and unnoticeable. Did I mention they're breathable? Yeah, these hot all the right points.

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You asked, we answered

Frequently Asked Questions

How dark does the lens get?

The photochromic lens tints when it's exposed to the sun. Since they are meant for mountain biking in and out of the forest, the tint it not super dark. A typical pair of dark sunglasses will have a darker tint than the lens of the Trail Boss Photochromic Biking Glasses but this much tint is not optimal for mountain biking in the forest

Why use a photochromic lens for mountain biking?

You ride through changing weather conditions for most of the year in the Pacific NorthWest. So it's good to have a lens that is clear when it's dark in the forest and tints when your ripping through clear cuts and cliff edges.

Why not use a photochromic lens?

The lens transitions slower in cold weather. Most noticable on clear cold winter days on Vancouver Island. If your trail is in and out of the forest, the glasses can feel over-tinted when you get back in the forest

Do they work well in cold weather?

The photochromic lens tints and un-tints slower the colder the weather gets. Below freezing the glasses may not tint

What about night riding

The lens only tints when exposed to sunlight. So they work for night rides

Photochromic or polarized?

Both are good in different conditions

The photochromic lens is good value because it's good for riding all year

Polarized lens is better on sunny days in the summer

What about adding a perscription lens?

Not yet,

Please let us know if you are interested,

We will look into it if we get enough feedback



Arms 125mm

Width at ends: 90mm

Width at lens: 135mm

Height at lens: 60mm

Inner nose width 40mm

Brand: SCVCN

Weight: ~34g

Lens Material: PC coating

Frame Material: PC

Lens Style: Full Screen

Nose Pad Material: