The Ultimate Adventure Guide to British Columbia

In British Columbia, there is endless adventure. We are documenting a collection of 1,000 of the most epic adventure in British Columbia.

If you like mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, rock climbing, surfing, hiking or mountaineering, British Columbia has an adventure for you!

We are British Colombians born and raised, this land runs in our blood and it's dirt is under our finger nails.

"If you want to see the cool stuff, go with locals."

-unknown legend

Let us show you the best this land has to offer. To start, did you know that BC is about 4 time the size of the UK which is also bigger than France and Germany combined. This land begins on the far west coast of Canada, the BC coastline is more than 27,000 km long and runs from Washington state all the way up to Alaska.

The southern part of this coast line is known as the graveyard of the pacific. Since the 1800s there's been nearly 500 ship wrecks on the west and south coasts of Vancouver Island alone.

Just inland from the rugged west coast of BC is the the coast mountain range,Whistler Blackcomb is the most known coast mountains in BC but it isn't the only ones. This mountain range runs south to north through the entire province. East of the coastal mountains, BC becomes an arid land filled with vineyard and orchards and eventually you run into the western side of the Rocky Mountains!

In BC, you can also drive north for days. In the winter the days are short, stormy and cold but there is also some of the very best ski mountains and snow conditions in the world.

Like we said, in BC there is endless adventure

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Vancouver Island

An island bigger than some European countries with less than 1 million locals. You can find plenty of adventure here